Developer Blog

Things we believe in and hold dear.

Build great products

We want to build software that really improves people’s lives in a practical way.
The product itself should be easy and intuitive to use, yet have lots of powerful features. We are obsessive about design; from gut-level beauty to the tiniest details of how the software should work. We want to build products that
we are proud to announce, “Yes, we built it!”

Care about our users

If you treat others well, they’ll return the favour. This is as true for businesses as
it is for individuals. Whatever we do, we ask ourselves how our users would feel about it. We’ve been known to refer customers to competitors if we feel our software
doesn’t meet their needs; then they often stick with us anyway!

Work Happily

We believe people are happiest when they are doing engaging work that matters.
Being happy also means surrounding yourself with great people and having a fun time. Most importantly, we think being happy means being a good person and
doing "the right thing”. To this end, we strive to achieve a culture of
happy people within the company and with our users.

Hire great people and trust them

We want to build a company of great people who constantly inspire each other
to do better. We’ve often left job vacancies unfilled if we couldn’t find a perfect candidate. We’ve redesigned jobs that felt menial or mindless. We assume all our employees are good at what they do and give them the freedom and trust to make the best decisions possible. We think keeping “management” to a minimum maximizes
both productivity and happiness.

Be profitable

Profit is like food and air. You don’t live to eat and breathe, but doing so
enables you to do greater things. Money lets us pay for talented people's salaries
and buy better tools so we can build better products that change people’s lives.
Profit also helps us keep score on how we’re doing. Investor funding doesn’t guarantee a healthy company; being self-sufficient and profitable is much better.

Focus on the long-term

We are building a great company that can last beyond our lifetimes.
Decades from now, we want to be able to look back and fondly say, “yup, I was part of it”. This means we don’t make greedy short-term decisions. The long-term value for our users, our product, and our company - these are the bases of our decisions.

Believe in AND, not OR

We believe a company can make great products AND be profitable
AND have happy users AND have happy employees. We believe software can be
easy to use AND have powerful features AND be beautifully designed. We believe we can do things fast AND in good quality. We believe in AND. Don’t settle for less. | 1·866·923·4974 | 260 Carlaw Ave. Unit 207, Toronto, Canada, M4M 3L1