Ranked the 49th Fastest Growing Company in Canada

I am so proud to report that our company has been ranked the 49th fastest growing company in Canada according to PROFIT Magazine’s PROFIT HOT 50 list.

This will not be possible without all the awesome people in our company and people who helped us along the way.  I’ll like to thank (in no particular order) Siobhan, Prabak, Sunny, Matt, Ned, Stephen, Amy, Tony, Jeff, Maria, Teresa, Belinda, Gabriel, Steve, Imran, Peter, Jonathan, Christine, Sari for making this happen.  Every one of you contributed in making this happen.

Most importantly, thank you to all the users of inFlow who have supported us all these years.  We will continue on making great products for businesses and stay true to our thinking!

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2 Responses to Ranked the 49th Fastest Growing Company in Canada

  1. Adam says:

    If you would truly like to thank us (users of Inflow), you would continue to evolve the product, adding relevant (most would say necessary) features like email integration and images on reports/ sales orders. You clearly have a passionate yet frustrated customer base who desperately want to squeeze additional efficiencies out of your product. At the end of the day, product deficiencies cost small businesses like ours valuable time.


    • Louis Leung says:

      Thank you Adam for your feedback.

      We are currently developing some major features. I cannot go into details, because they are still currently in development and things might change depending on factors such as technical feasibility, time requirement estimates, whether it fits with current design, overall balance with other features, etc..

      I understand how this lack of promises can be frustrating to our users. However, the last thing we want to do is to promise something, but later on find out we cannot deliver due to the factors mentioned above. So we usually go with the “under promise, over deliver” guideline.

      In general, before we decide on what to work on, we go through our users feedback from forum, emails from support, direct phone conversations with users, etc.. We do take our users community feedback very seriously, and will never take for granted the support and patience of our users. We are currently working very hard on the new release. This we can promise.

      Once again, thank you for support and comments. We will continue to do our best to deliver amazing products to our users.

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