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Rails single table inheritance with polymorphic association

Lets say, you wanted to store contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and websites. These contact information can be associated with an employee of a business or the business itself. A business can have multiple emails and multiple phone… Continue reading ‘Rails single table inheritance with polymorphic association’


A better installer

So about a month and a half ago, I was driving home from work one day after working on some NSIS installer code (which in my humble opinion is very ugly and hard to work with), when I had the… Continue reading ‘A better installer’

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TextMate 2 Tips

tl:dr:To celebrate the long-awaited releaset of TextMate 2 this week, my friend Kevin and I have started a new tumblelog called Text Mate 2 Tips to offer simple visual tips on how to use the new features of our favourite… Continue reading ‘TextMate 2 Tips’


Building tomorrow

Conventional wisdom says you should listen to your customers. Most people will agree to that without questions. The idea of listening to the people you serve – be they customers, users, etc, becomes so prevalent that the discipline of gathering… Continue reading ‘Building tomorrow’

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A declarative way of handling property changed notifications

A calculated property is something that is calculated based on the results of some other properties. For example: Subtotal = Unit Cost * Quantity The finalize button should be enabled if the order status is Open The unit cost is… Continue reading ‘A declarative way of handling property changed notifications’