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Attaching custom attributes to an enumeration

This post is a response to Ugly Case Statements, where Sunny tackles the problem of running separate code for each element of an enumeration. I’d like to suggest another alternative to handle this. First, I’m not convinced yet that the… Continue reading ‘Attaching custom attributes to an enumeration’


Lesson from Firefox to Chrome

I had been a Firefox fan for as long as I could remember. When it first came out, I thought its simplicity, compared to the other stuff *cough IE*, was brilliant. Firefox made browsing easy. But over time, they kept… Continue reading ‘Lesson from Firefox to Chrome’

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Ugly case statements

So the other day I was going through some old C# code and encountered a giant wall of text in a function. What I mean is that I saw a giant switch-case statement that must have spanned a couple pages… Continue reading ‘Ugly case statements’

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